NaPoWriMo 2021 – Day 5

Today’s prompt challenged me to find a poem and then write a new poem that has the shape of the original and in which every line starts with the first letter of the corresponding line in the original poem.

I chose Carol Ann Duffy’s poem ‘Valentine’ which you can find here: Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy | Scottish Poetry Library

My poem is below:

Never forget where you have come from.

It might be from riches.
It might be from endless poverty.
It does not define
life or yourself, who you truly are.

I can make a new life,
live how I want.
I can make my own story
as happy as I want it.

I can choose a better story.

Never forget who you truly are.

If you have known sadness,
If you have known unhappiness,
perhaps things can change now
and be right.
Forget all your sorrow.

This life
Is waiting expectantly for you to start it;

It’s hoping.
Life waits
In eager expectation to
caress your soul.

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