NaPoWriMo Day 27

Today’s task was to write a review of something that wouldn’t normally be reviewed. Although I was tempted to write about my husband, I settled for my bath.

The Best Bath in Birmingham

A review of my bath – let’s start with the setting:

An intimate venue, not forgetting

The candles in holders of coloured glass –

Red, blue and green – a touch of class.

And the heady aroma of jasmine and pine!

(An interesting mix- the choice wasn’t mine.)

The bubbles are foamy in all the right places;

And next to the windowsill, where the space is,

A glass of champagne stands fizzing for me.

(All right – so I lied: it’s a mug of hot tea.)

I lie back and soak in this heavenly tub –

I’d rather be here than out at the pub.

But sadly, alas! all things come to an end,

So I pull out the plug, bid farewell to my friend.

My overall rating must be ten out of ten –

I liked it so much that I’ll have one again!

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