NaPoWriMo Day 24

Late in posting again due to family time in the evening. Day 24’s challenge was to write about a fruit, so I tried to get into the mindset of a banana. I will leave it to you to judge how successful I’ve been …

Bananas are slippery customers:

They’re the ninjas of the fruit world,

Deceptively unassuming in their virulent yellow;

Curved like old men with bent backs –

But unzip their skin and peel it off

Like a diver shedding his neoprene suit

And you’ll find the true core:

A pale, creamy fruit, packed with hidden seeds,

Bursting with potassium and rich in starch.

It’s a berry in disguise – an identity so secret

Most people have no idea of the truth.

It projects a façade of foolishness –

We say crazy people are ‘bananas’ –

But it sneakily waits on stairs or in passageways,

Just hoping to make people slip.

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