NaPoWriMo Day 16

Today’s challenge was to “to write a poem of over-the-top compliments. Pick a person, place, or thing you love, and praise it in the most effusive way you can. Go for broke with metaphors, similes, and more.” It took me a while to think who I should take as the subject for such fulsome praise – after all, the English are known for their reserve – but that set me to thinking about how I would respond to this if I were American. (Apologies now if I offend anyone from the other side of the pond.) It also made me think about a certain president and how (according to the British news reports) he seems to think that he is single-handedly fighting the Corona virus whilst the rest of the world watches in stunned admiration. So … that led me to thinking, what does Mr Trump think when he looks in the mirror each morning? Does he tell himself he’s wonderful? (That confidence has to come from somewhere.) Thinking about (my perception of) the current American president was my inspiration for the following poem:

Trump It To The World

You’re the best Godiva truffles; you’re a Häagen-Daaz ice-cream;

You’re my one true ray of sunshine and the moonlight’s silver beam;

You’re my daytime inspiration and my every waking dream –

That’s what you are.

You’re my Concorde flight of fancy; you’re my own secluded beach;

You’re the best expensive aftershave; my perfect golden peach;

You’re my melodious songbird; you’re the night owl’s fearsome screech –

That’s what you are.

You’re a ten thousand piece puzzle with no picture on the box;

You’re every last enigma that the CIA unlocks;

You’re the iceberg under water or the shoreline’s hidden rocks –

That’s what you are.

You’re more dangerous than a lion or a tiger or a bear;

You’re the ultimate assassin and the king without a care;

You’re the archetypal killer, full of pluck and nerve and dare –

That’s what you are.

You’re the man the ladies dream of and the one men want to be;

You’re the ruler of the western world – its land, its sky and sea;

You’re the creamer in the coffee and the lemon in the tea –

That’s what you are.

You’re the reflection in my mirror that I gaze at every day;

You’re like a god to many – to you the peasants pray;

You’re more than just the president of the good old USA –

Trump: that’s who you are.

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