NaPoWriMo Day#7

Today’s brief was to turn to newspaper headlines for inspiration; however, the suggestion was to take a light-hearted news article rather than writing about Covid-19. (Perhaps just as well since five of my poems so far have touched on that topic.) I quite liked the headline “People are dressing up in ballgowns and tiaras to take their bins out“, so I’ve entitled this one ‘Bins and Ballgowns’. PS To counteract the rather banal content, I’ve used iambic pentameter – surely a metaphor for the poem itself …

Bins and Ballgowns

On pointy heels, she wobbles down the path.

Her odd attire makes passing strangers laugh.

We must stay home in constant isolation

And not ignore the PM’s information;

But two weeks in, she’s tired of wearing leggings.

Designer clothes hang in her wardrobe, begging

To come out and have a little airing,

And now, she thinks, she really is past caring

What others think – she’s going to do this her way!

So she’ll dress up in style for this week’s bin day.

Her satin ballgown trails upon the floor –

At least her neighbours know she isn’t poor!

Her dress alone cost almost half a grand;

Whilst at her throat, a diamanté band

Proclaims her taste – there’s nothing too outré:

She’ll celebrate good breeding while she may.

Of course, the bin bags in her outstretched fingers

Are made by Harrods – snobbishness still lingers.

Keeping standards up is such a pleasure:

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

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