NaPoWriMo Day#4

Today’s prompt was to write a poem based on images from a dream. A few months ago, I had two bizarre dreams in the same night, and those dreams are now the basis of a two-part poem.



1. I took the bunch of keys

And unlocked the door.

A tiger snarled at me.

I shut the door again quickly.

2. Behind another door,

A peacock spread its

Wings: colours kaleidoscoped

In shimmering beauty.

3. I remember little of the other doors –

What lay within each sealed wooden envelope;

Only that there was a sense of wonder,

A fizz of excitement

As I chose each key and unlocked

The depths of my imagination


The cat yawned.

Green stars flew out of his mouth

And the world changed.

Bodies filled the kitchen;

A quest was set in motion;

And I pretended to be a waitress.

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