Day 9 of The Literal Challenge aka Like The Prose


My heart is heavy as I reflect on loss. Pain sears my soul. I cry; I weep; but then I remember my travels. I have visited many countries and my experience brings fresh understanding. Light and darkness are necessary components in human existence; joy must be accompanied by pain. Around the world, I have seen how nature responds in different ways to the inevitable. Night comes suddenly In the Indian ocean: someone flicks a switch and the light disappears. In England, evening is more gradual: daylight shimmers into the softer greys of dusk, then slips silently away. Later, as the sun sinks into the horizon, the sky is lit up with vibrant reds and oranges, tempered with pastel pinks and glowing gold. So it is with us. Grief cannot be switched off instantly: it must fade slowly with time.

my wounded heart

flutters like a moth as raw

emotion softly fades.

 As mixed emotions and muted memories are painted across the canvas of our lives, our sense of sadness is tinged with precious moments that can never be forgotten. The beauty of the sunset does not prevent the night from falling, but darkness is preceded by a time of wonder.

memories of loved ones

sparkle like drops of dew caught

on a spider’s web.

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